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Project Overview

When I started my project, I wanted to make a change within my community. I found that within my school, there was a great deal of stress that goes around. I have felt this stress and always wanted to do something to try and help these students. As I looked around my community, I realized that it wasn’t just the students, but the adults as well who feel stress. As I researched further, I found countless articles of how nature could help with stress. I live in Minnesota, a place where snow is practically all year round. This sparked the idea of me creating a place that would allow students and adults to destress with nature other than snow. I thought I would have three biomes and an observatory that people in Minnesota could experience.


I wanted this place to bring in two categories, an escape from the cold and a calming place for people to de-stress. I felt like this building would allow a new take on how to utilize the nature around you and make it so that you will be able to appreciate and accommodate to what is already around. The picture below is what a normal Minnesota winter looks like. However, over the past few years they have gotten worse and worse. This new building idea would allow for people to get away from this harsh, cold environment (which sometimes provokes stress) into somewhere exotic and warm.


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How nature benefits reducing stress

How nature helps mental health

Client Interviews

I sat down with a parent and a student and talked to them about what their everyday stress is like and how could they change that. I first talked with the student, he stated, he feels like there are times where I am stressed out in school. He went on but overall he feels as though his time in school provokes his stress levels a lot. The parent, who I talked to, didn’t experience much stress but knows people who do. I then asked about nature, they both responded with they both enjoy nature. Through further conversation, I found that this place might suit the people of Minnesota. With an equal hatred for the snow, and rising stress levels I concluded that this might actually be a place where people could find their piece whilst being surrounded by nature. Overall, students and workers both agree that this might be an interesting addition to the many landmarks already in Minnesota. It is clear that highschool students and working parents become stressed and need some place to relax and take in everything. Hopefully I can create this space that will offer some place to relax and take in everything.



Current Space

This space has a lot of opportunity and potential to house the first biodome in Minnesota. There is a lot of open land and a lot of great scenery that is available to be built on and used. There still is a lot needed. There still needs to be a lot of work done so that it can cater towards the people who use the space. I am worried that this project will disrupt too much of the wild life that is already in this reserve. I felt that if I chose this reserve, however, there would be more of a interest and opportunity to try and stress the importance of nature. This space is offers a lot of interesting views and wildlife, and it also encapsulates the nature of MN. There is no platform to try and renovate this space, what will have to happen is that there will need to be a lot of building on the wild life already existing. I know that some people are against this,but I think that with this addition, there would be a lot of interesting opportunities for people to learn and expand their knowledge.

My Design 


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The future

Overall I wanted to make a change in my community. I wanted to make a place where people could sit and enjoy the nature without being bogged down with other matters. I wanted to make a space where people could come and enjoy themselves and create a new appreciation for the nature around them. I know this is ambitious, but stress is something that comes naturally for everybody. I believe that this place will offer a new calming presence that will help deal with stress related problems.

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  1. May 02, 2018 by Kailah.Adams

    Hi Maxwell, I love your project! I can see how this is a much-needed idea–stress in school is certainly on the rise. Also, I think using biodomes to incorporate nature into a place that gets such harsh weather is quite a unique idea and I love how well you executed it!

  2. May 02, 2018 by Kailah.Adams

    Hi Maxwell, well done! I certainly can see how a project like yours would be necessary in today’s school climate. I also really love how nature is incorporated into your design. Using biodomes because of the harsh weather is a great idea and I am glad to see it executed so well!

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