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The Goal

This app was made to inform people about these issues that may not know they even existed or may not know that much about it. I hope it inspires people to act on these issues on their own 

through the information and new knowledge they have gained and that after being provided with all the resources from this app, that people will go support the groups fighting for these issues in their area and spread what they learned to their family and friends so that hopefully change will happen.

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Background Info

Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England. Boston is also the place where the American Revolution started. During the Civil War era, Boston was also the center for many anti-slavery activities. Even with such a great history behind it, Boston still suffers from many of the problems that most of the country has and some of the problems are even worse in Boston than they are in other places. Boston is still a very successful area but many of the middle/lower class population tends to get left behind and ignored more than the successful population who don’t face these same issues, and probably don’t know many of them exist.

My focus for this app is Economic Justice. Economic Justice is a component of social justice. Economic Justice is a set of moral principles that were made to help build an economy with fairness and equal allocation of benefits among everyone in the economy. Some examples of Economic Justice would be job income equality, equal job opportunity, affordable housing for all income levels, public infrastructure, and education.

Like most states in America, Boston has issues with many of the examples I listed above. Some of the big issues that Boston is working on right now are education, public safety in many of the lower income parts of the city, as well as equal economic opportunity in those places, job income equality, and public infrastructure (specifically transportation). Boston moved up to the 16th place from the 28th for worst traffic congestion in the states in 2016 and its public mobility infrastructure is becoming outdated. Boston also is among the top ranks for expensive housing and racial disparities in wealth.


The Problem

People of color as well as many other minorities face discrimination and make up most of the poor population in this region. Things like police brutality, wage gaps, and unequal job opportunities all plague this region.

Making sure the goals of Economic Justice are maintained is needed in order to move an economy forward. Many of these goals are not currently being reached for the entirety of Boston and this is holding them back from progressing as a city as much as they could be. Problems like public transportation, public safety, and affordable housing are a few of the issues that are affecting Boston right now. Especially in lower income neighborhoods and areas, these things on top of problems like poor education systems and expensive housing are preventing the neighborhoods from advancing and moving out of the low-income category into the middle class and upper class.

A perfect example of how these problems are actually having an impact on the area would be with the housing problem. Boston’s economy is booming, and with it the housing prices. But this is causing problems for the low and middle class population. If you were to take into account Boston’s higher cost of living it actually drives up the poverty threshold for the region and puts around 57,000 more families, not including individuals, under the poverty line. Grad students and immigrants are paying the expensive price to live in apartments in the urban parts of the city where it is most expensive, which is in turn leading to many middle-class people leaving the area.

(For more detailed and specific examples of these problems in the area, go to my app and go to the Research Articles tab, which is the last one.)

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A Quick Poll

Which income class would you consider yourself a part of?

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This poll divides our population into different categories. These different income classes play a huge part in the issues the people within those classes face, with the biggest percentage of people facing many of these problems in Boston being in the lower class. The only way change can occur is if all the classes recognize these problems if even they may not all be facing them.

My Plan For Change

My strategy for bringing change to this situation is going to be by raising awareness about the issue as well as how you can help support those who are being affected. Many of these people look to the city for support but there hasn’t been enough funding to keep up with the demand for support. With an economy doing as well as Boston’s, funds could easily be taken from elsewhere and focused on this problem. By spreading awareness for this situation and posting things on social media about different groups and by me providing you with the information about these different support groups, I believe we can bring change.

Examples of Perfect Platforms for Spreading Awareness











Ways to spread awareness: Simple tags like #JobDiscrimination and #EconomicJustice and things like these will put your post into a category so that it will come up when people search for things with these tags. Of course if you live in the area, you can take this much further by helping out with local organizations that fight these issues.

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