Building a Mosque in 2018


           The goal of this project is to provide Muslims in the community a Mosque where they can pray. Only about 1% of the entire U.S. Population is Muslim, and an even smaller percent is present in Connecticut. In the local communities there are many churches and there are some islamic centers that are running in buildings that do not resemble Mosques. The goal is to build and design an actual mosque to look like traditional mosques around the world. The Mosque would be open to everyone, put primarily to the Muslims who are there to pray. The majority of the people in the community are non-Muslims and would be welcome to come inside as long as they are respectful to the people inside. This structure would have lots of natural light through the use of stained glass windows as well as other lights and chandeliers that would illuminate the Islamic Calligraphy on the walls. There would have to be a Mihrab which points in the direction (qibla) towards Mecca and the Kaaba. There needs to be a prayer hall, which is a large open carpeted area with plenty of space for worshipers to pray. The walls in mosque would be decorated in Islamic calligraphy. There would be a dome above the prayer hall which would be similar to other mosques around the world as well as similar to traditional Islamic Architecture. There would need to be washing facilities as part of the ritual. This would be a great addition to the local community and its people. The Mosque would be located in an urban type of environment because better access and transport would allow more worshippers attend.

History of Islam in America:

Projected Site in Fairfield, Connecticut: 

Length: 400ft   Width: 170ft

Area 68,000 sqft


Typical Rooms in a Mosque:

For this Mosque to be complete, there needs to be a prayer hall, an ablutions area for both men and women, and a Minaret. The Mosque that has been designed will also have a community room and bathrooms for Both men and women.

Prayer Hall: This room will be used to the worshippers. There will be prayer rugs covering the floor, and each person will have a 2ftx4ft rectangle to pray in. This room is called a Musallah in traditional Mosques. The prayer hall for this mosque will be 161ft x 168ft, 27,200 sqft, and be able to hold up to 3,300 people MAX.

In order for the Prayer Hall to be Complete, it needs to have a Qibla wall which contains the Mihrab inside of it. The mihrab is is a niche wall in the qibla wall that points to the direction of Mecca.


There also needs to be a minbar in the prayer hall. A minbar is a short flight of stairs to a raised platform which is used for the Imam, who is the preacher in the Mosque.


Minaret: A Minaret is a tall slim cylindrical tower that is used to call the prayers. For this Mosque, the prayers will not be called from the Minaret to respect other members of the community.


Ablutions Area for both Men and Women: The ablutions area is used for ablutions which is a part of the preparation for the prayer. There will be a separate space for both men and women. Each space for both men and women will be 39ft x 75ft, and 5,950sqft.

Bathrooms for both Men and Women: There will be bathrooms in this mosque for the people that use the mosque. Bathrooms are an important feature of any building. There will be a separate space for both men and women. Each space for both men and women will be 39ft x 75ft, and 5,950sqft.

Entrance Hall: The entrance hall to the Mosque will have the traditional large doors that most mosques have. There will also be a shelves for shoes and coat racks.  The entrance hall will be 20ft x 85ft, and 1700 sqft.

Community Room: The community room will be an all purpose room designed to fit people for lunches and dinners, as well as a teaching space for classes.

Mood Board: 

These different ideas, colors, and other mosques were used as inspiration to design the projected Mosque. I researched from my own experience and from looking at the internet to get a sense of typical traditional Islamic Mosques so that my building could inspire worshippers to visit and attend.

Projected Blueprints: 

Side View:

From my initial statues above, I developed a digital 3D model for clearer understanding of the Models.

3D Models:

The community room will be the leftmost room. The prayer hall is the room in the middle. The 4 rooms on the right are separated to the ablutions area on the top and the bathrooms on the bottom.


Although looking slightly more 21st century, my Mosque has all the traditional elements to meet the needs of the worshippers and to provide a place for reflection and spirituality including the Minaret, Dome, Prayer Hall, and Ablutions Area.

Background Info:


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  1. April 26, 2018 by Justine Fellows

    Thank you for educating me on the beautiful design and needs of a Mosque. I think it would be a wonderful addition to any community. I would love if there were more access to non-Muslims to foster education and understanding.

  2. April 27, 2018 by lucas

    I love how you’ve set-up this presentation with and introduction and projected site in your community but then going into the typical rooms and purpose before sketching your design.

  3. April 27, 2018 by Peter.Wess

    I did not know much about Mosques at all and this project made me interested to see of there were any Mosques in my community. There are a few Islamic community centers and one true Mosque in Greenville, SC. I looked into the Mosque here and it is a very unassuming building from the outside, without any windows. It is very different from the typical churches here. I think this is because we are in the Bible belt and it just recently became a more culturally diverse region. I couldn’t find anything about the number of Muslims here, but I feel that there are very few. It would be cool to not just have a Mosque for the people, but also so we can learn even more about another religion. One of my best friends is Hindu and I love to hear him talk about how our chapel is very different from his temple.

  4. April 27, 2018 by Theresa Minson

    Thank you for such an informative presentation. I look forward to visiting your mosque or another one soon.

  5. April 28, 2018 by Shantha Ozgen

    Great work Arman!

  6. April 30, 2018 by Valerie

    I love it! I learned so much about a misque with this project. Even though its religious population is low in the US, it should still be expressed and shared with others. Great job, love the design!

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