Cleveland Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights is an issue that is relevant all around the world and has been for centuries.  This issue is incredibly important because all people deserve equal rights. The goal of the Women’s Rights movement is not to undermine male rights and to give females more power and control over them, but to fight for equal rights.  Historically, women have lacked rights that men have and have needed to fight against oppression and for their basic rights. Women have fought for all rights from property owning rights to suffrage. This fight continues on today as women fight to be treated equally in today’s society.

Cleveland has a long-standing history of working toward the continued advancement of women’s rights and gender equality.  Main issues concerning Women’s Rights include the right to control one’s own body, equal educational and economic opportunities as well as fair treatment under the criminal justice system.  After President Trump’s election, many women in Cleveland were outraged leading to the Cleveland Women’s March, a way for women to publicly fight for women’s rights.

Advocates for this issue will not be satisfied until women have equal rights as men.  My idea to catalyze change in society is a trifold solution based on the increase in education on this issue.  I believe women should continue to stage protests against gender-based oppression, such as the Women’s March. I also believe in the spread of education through social media and schools.  Thirdly, I believe in women taking legislative action against laws they find oppressive to women or supporting bills that will help give women equal rights. With the combination of these three items, I believe that in time, change towards equal rights can be accomplished.  This app combines these three steps through giving the Cleveland Women’s March publicity, spreading social media accounts related to the issue, and providing people with articles that can inspire them to take legislative action.


Cleveland Women’s Rights App:


2018 Women’s March in Cleveland:


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  1. April 27, 2018 by Cassie Delfini

    Hi Jennifer, I like this project a lot because it is different from something I would think to write about. I like how you choose a specific place to write about women’s rights in instead of just in general. I think that you are really trying to make a change in that particular community, which is what the Catalyst Conference is all about.

  2. April 28, 2018 by andrew namkoong

    I really like your project surrounding Women’s Rights in Cleveland in particular. As a person who has also done a project surrounding Women’s Rights in Orlando, I feel that your project is well made. You define the purpose of Women’s Rights as well as include pictures about your topic. I feel that some improvements could include more questions that probe the viewers mind such as how do you feel after reading my presentation, or possibly probing into more initial thoughts. Overall, I think your presentation is very well made.

  3. April 29, 2018 by Emma Healy

    Hi Jennifer! I think your project is super interesting! I’m from Cleveland myself, and I have a ton of friends, male and female, who participated in the women’s march in Cleveland both last year and this year. I got to see firsthand how impactful marches like these are on women’s empowerment in my local community. Through this project, you’ve definitely embodied the idea of catalyzing change at a local level by choosing a specific location and trying to make an impact on that specific area. Good job!

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