Educating Women in Developing Countries: Catalyst Conference

The Importance of Educating Women


For this Catalyst Conference, I chose to make a website that would educate people on the problem surrounding us concerning the lack of women’s education in developing countries. This website informs, encourages, informs, and takes action on the issue at hand. Many women in the developing world Do not have the same opportunities to be educated and lead a better life. It is important to aid in their pursuit of knowledge to allow them to have the same privileges as we do.  


My mother is president of an organization, DIL (Developments in Literacy), that aids young girls in their journey of education in Pakistan by fundraising to built schools and hire teachers. She inspired me to do this project and further this cause.

To Start, I created a graphic to depict the countries with the lowest literacy rates for women 

At first, I wanted to build my site on this graphic however this later changed into my current layout.








Link to Site

Page 1

This page includes an introduction to the website and a graphic depicting countries with the lowest literacy rates.

For this graphic (Below) I started with a basic graphic of the map of the world and added tags to ten of the countries with the lowest literacy rates for women. I believe this graphic will help to give viewers a depiction of the real people they would be helping by contributing to this cause.


Page 2

This page includes information from various sources and a short quiz that tests the information presented on the page

Quiz from Site Below

This quiz tests a few facts from the information given on the site that puts some of the children’s lives into perspective with our own.

Page 3

This page includes solutions and links to sites on which people can donate to the cause

Page 4

This page lists the sources used to create the site

Sources to an external site. to an external site. to an external site. to an external site.

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  1. April 29, 2018 by Ashley Sammann

    Great project, Sara! Your line that reads “educate yourself to educate others” is quite powerful and captured my attention. On your website, I really connected with the quotation that discusses how girls in America have great representation, and therefore, Americans often disregard the importance of girls’ underrepresentation in education globally.

  2. April 29, 2018 by Soren

    This project is really bold and important in today’s world. I’ve learned in class that educating others will continue to improve and advance society as a whole, allowing people to be more aware and active in their community. I still wonder how you will get people’s attention in order for people to contribute to your cause?

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