Gun Control In America

Why is it a problem?

Gun control in America is a constant battle that is seeing no end. The government is taking steps to lessen the shootings that happen in America but it has been debated on how to go about it. People are debating whether gun laws should be implemented and if they actually make people feel safe. On one side, people are all for having gun laws, because there will be a sense of order and safety if no guns are allowed into the United States. On the other side, people have guns for protection and taking away those guns goes against the Constitution and the peoples feeling of safety. The two sides are constantly butting heads and the shootings keep on happening.

Can it be solved?

America wants to stop the shootings but can’t agree on a way to do that. The debate for more guns or less guns is on going and it will not stop. There is a school shooting almost everyday in America.

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How have other countries limited mass shootings?

In Japan there is a lengthy process to get access to a gun. And under Japan’s Firearm and Sword law, there are only certain types of guns people can have access to. In order to get a gun you have to go through multiple written, mental and drug tests and an extensive background check. In addition, the owners have to inform the authorities how the weapons and the ammunition are stored and freely give up their firearms for annual inspection.

In Australia there was a mass shooting back in 1996. The government decided to buy all the guns to take them off the streets and asked gun owners to freely give up their weapons. This program took 650,000 assault and semi assault rifles off of the streets. But it was only temporary. Now, people are allowed guns but then need to have licenses which include a reason for needing the gun. The gun will only be given if the reason is genuine enough and if the person takes a firearm safety course. Analysts have stated that these extreme measures have been highly effective.

The Strategies for America:

1. Stricter gun laws

Australia has had no mass shootings since 1996. They changed their gun laws and took all the guns off the streets (by buying them or having people donate them). Now it is extremely hard to get access to a gun in Australia and the gun related crimes have gone way down.

2. Revise the second amendment of the United States Constitution

The second amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. Americans want to reduce mass shootings and this amendment is in the way of that progress. Changing this law to fit current society and its rules will help create a future in America where there are less mass shootings.

3. Revise the whole United States Constitution

The whole constitution was created over 200 years ago and doesn’t fit todays society and rules. The
Constitution was revised 27 times since its creation. But has never been a total revamp of the Constitution and the rules that were the foundation for America. This would help eliminate problems in America, not just the gun control laws debate.

Infographic Preparation:


1. “Roughly 16,459 murders were committed in the United States during 2016. Of these, about 11,961 or 73% were committed with firearms.” -JustFacts

2. “Firearms were the 12th leading cause of all deaths, representing 1.3% of total deaths topping liver disease, hypertension, and Parkinson’s disease, as well as deaths from fires, drowning, and machinery accidents” –

3. “95% of all US gun owners believe that children should learn about gun safety. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”

4. “The United States stands out among countries for the frequency with which its mass shootings occur. But last year, after the US witnessed its most fatal mass shooting in history at Las Vegas, the Trump administration made it easier-not harder-for people with mental illness to buy guns” – Quartz

5. Gun ownership in the United States is rooted in the Second Amendment of the Constitution: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” –

6. “Many analysts say these measures(to take away guns) have been highly effective, citing declining gun death rates and the absence of gun-related mass killings in Australia since 1996” –

7. “Gun control advocates regularly cite Japan’s highly restrictive firearm regulations in tandem with its extraordinarily low gun homicide rate” –

8. “These are countries (UK and Austrialia) that don’t have Second Amendment right to arms, so there’s no constitutional right that has to be addressed with respect to gun reform policies of any type, whereas in the U.S., there is a legal headache,” Miller said. “The Amendment forbids similar measures.” – The Guardian

9. “Americans own nearly half (48%) of the estimated 650m*civilian-owned guns worldwide.” – CNN

10. “The U.S. is one of three countries to include gun-ownership rights in its constitution. (Mexico and Guatemala are the others.)” – Bloomberg

To find my final sketch of the design layout I wanted, I tried out multiple different ideas. When I had a general basis for what I wanted to do, I created a video pitch of my idea and got feedback.

I had the idea for the cycle at the top of the page and the statistics and solutions below it. This was my final idea and design of said idea before feedback.

infographic-gun_29202171 (2) (1).png

After feedback I almost completely changed my idea since I wasn’t happy with the design and I had gotten good suggestions. I completely changed the layout of the infographic and I feel that my final is more cohesive.

My Final Infographic


What would you do to reduce shootings in America?

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  1. April 27, 2018 by Chloe.Beittel

    Wow, this is a really difficult topic to address because of how polarized the topic has become. I am wondering what kind of changes would you make to the second amendment and the US Constitution. I also wonder if you looked at the second part of the second amendment. It is not just saying people have the right to keep and bear arms, but that we have the right to do so in case a militia is required to protect our state or country. Great job at tackling this difficult topic!

  2. May 01, 2018 by William.Finley

    I am impressed by your project! I like how you are trying it in to very present issues in our country. I think that the graph showing gun homicide rates is eye opening and a key component of the projects success.

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