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Occupy Wall Street App

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About the App:

For this project, I am creating an app titled “Occupy Wall Street”.

With the app, I would like to call for people from all over the world to protest in New York City, and I hope the app can allow for protesters to more easily congregate and be informed about Occupy Wall Street; I wish more people would be willing to do something about the government corruption that is going on. The app can help people learn about the protest in an enjoyable format, find out how to get to New York City, and lists popular attractions to encourage people to come to the protest. An app is a great way to spread a protest movement. People spend a lot of their times on their phones these days, and apps can do what social media cannot: provide a lot of detailed information in a variety of different formats that is easily navigable. I intend to create change by gathering people in New York City from all over the world to protest the disgusting corruption that dominates and controls our society. Sadly, corruption is legal in the United States, but that needs to change. Nasty Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United have made it so easy for money to give power to the few over the many. PACs and Super PACs have so much influence over politicians, and can raise unlimited amounts of soft money for candidate advertising. Additionally, lobbyists run around and pressure politicians to pass legislation favoring the worst corporations, and the politicians who succumb to their pressure get insanely high paying jobs when they leave office. This practice is ridiculous and needs to be made illegal.

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New York City is the best place for a protest against the US financial system, since it is the economic capital of the United States. Most people won’t know what to do when they get to New York City for the first time. They will be confused, and they won’t know where to go. Every protest needs organization so people can find their way and have good accommodations.  However, the importance of the local issue is that it is local and national in a way. While much of the corruption going on happens on Wall Street itself, it affects the lives of nearly everyone in the country. The massive amount of corruption and lobbying that is going on in the government is the cause of nearly every issue plaguing the United States, whether it be a failing education system, the most expensive healthcare system in the world, and many more.


Here are some screen shots of my app:

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