Racial Inequality in Atlanta

Above is an app that I made on AppShed to give more information about this topic, as well as give travel information if anyone is interested in traveling there. You can check out the app using this QR code if you’re interested. 

Racial Inequality has been a problem since the beginning of time. Humans have always tried to isolate people who are different to them. These problems continue into our lives today when people of color ar disadvantaged in homeownership, wealth, and education. The typical black household has 6% of the wealth of the typical white household; the typical Latino household has 8%. Similarly, 73% of whites own a home, compared to 47% of Latinos and 45% of blacks. Finally, in 2011, 34% of whites completed a four-year college degree, whereas just 20% of blacks and 13% of Hispanics did. Evidently, people of color are fundamentally disadvantaged and change needs to happen. 

Even in the black mecca of the south, stories of racism and hate speech still permeate the news feed. Additionally, people of color still seem to get left behind even with movements for change and improvement. This stems from racial inequality in the past when the whites and blacks were strongly segregated and all of the business buildings were placed in the areas with the white people. In the present, what has emerged is a two-tiered system: highways for the largely white suburbs and a chronically underfunded public transit system for people of color and low-income people, many of whom had to get by without cars. This leaves them with fundamental disadvantages that are challenging to overcome. 

Are you surprised by the severity of racial inequality in Atlanta?

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Hopefully, you are now more aware of the long-lasting issues that have negatively impacted people of color for centuries. You can help by donating to organizations like ABFE (Association of Black Foundation Executives), Color of Change, or the Race Matters Institute. You can also shop at minority-owned small businesses to help them support themselves. Additionally, if a person of color is running for election at a citywide or nationwide level, support their campaign and help them get elected. Most importantly, realize the fact that most people are not aware of this issue and you can help that by educating them and sending them this site! Share this link on your Instagram Facebook , TwitterTumblr, or any social media to help spread the word and make Atlanta a better place. 



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  1. April 27, 2018 by Catherine.Wang

    Hi Ayesha, your project is really cool, and as someone who live in Atlanta, it is really shocking to see how much this city still plays into racial inequality. I love that you actually created an app! It’s such an innovative idea. Quick question: do you happen to know any information regarding racial inequality in the workplace, such as the amount of people of color in top management positions? Since Atlanta is a growing city, I would think that there’s probably some information on that as well? Great job overall!

  2. April 28, 2018 by andrew namkoong

    Ayesha, I really like your project. I have relatives that live in Atlanta, and I plan on showing them this presentation when I come visit them. I really like your layout of the app. I think that the addition of your appshed project contributes a lot to the overall dynamic of the app. One thing that I could suggest is an addition of more pictures, or other interactive material. Other than that I really enjoyed reading about your presentation.

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