Stand Together


To me, bringing different genres of music together holds importance. Each genre offers music a different perspective, resulting in a different feeling and outcome. When I write music, I challenge myself to use bits and pieces from different genres. For instance, I may write lyrics and chord progressions that fall into the R&B category but use bluesy guitar solos. In the same manner, I have taken country-style guitar pickings and combined them with jazzy melodies.

For my song, “Stand Together” I chose to focus on highlighting the different ways music can incorporate ambience. Because my song communicates the importance of supporting one another through the many conflicts of society, I recorded in a way that would tell the story of overcoming challenges. In the beginning, there are faint sounds of people arguing and fighting, and police sirens attempting to control a riot. There are also sounds of a fireplace crackling and rain pouring as if outside one’s window. Having both the sound of chaos intertwined with sounds of peace, communicate how we must not just “look out of our window” in attempt to separate ourselves from it, but acknowledge the fact that we too play a part in such confusion. We must stand up for one another instead of stand witness to social conflict. In light of my song’s title, we must “Stand Together”.


  Social Conflict 

Marchers with lit torches submerged Virginia’s Charlottesville with words of hate and racial rage. Chaos erupted as gatherers marched the streets of Charlottesville to advocate white supremacy. Counter protesters locked arms among each other in order to represent their will to stand up against inequality. The moment when people stood together, with the purpose of supporting each other through racial conflicts, the power of love reflected.

Protest represent the importance of taking an initiative towards change, making a statement, and influencing society positively. Unfortunately there are protest, such as the Charlottesville rally, whose purpose is to motivate violence and hatred. Although this is the sad truth of the mentality of many, it reveals a reality that individuals must not ignore. Together, society is capable of overpowering hatred with love and understanding.


  The Time is Now



Our generation stands witness to the power that exerts itself from the many women who have chosen to stand up for themselves and for others. Millions joined the Women’s rights movement just recently in 2017. Participants held signs advocating women’s rights as individuals, while the internet bloomed in reflection of its meaning. Along with this national gathering, the “Me Too” movement grasped the attention of many.

Kesha’s performance of “Praying” during the 60th Grammy’s awards highlights the strength of bringing people together to uplift gender equality. It not only represents the importance of standing up for the rights and safety of others, but symbolizes the overall power of togetherness.

#Taking a Stand 

As individuals in the society we live in, it is important for us to recognize that we have an obligation to support and love one another. We must not stand witness to the social, racial, and political conflicts that attempt to destroy positivity. Instead, we should acknowledge the fact that we are capable of changing and influencing the lives of many. To encourage others to stand together against hate and societal conflicts, hashtag #standtogether on any post with care and love involved.

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  1. April 27, 2018 by brendan.gill

    This song you shared is moving and powerful, filled with potential!

  2. April 27, 2018 by Kamal.Fakhoury

    Exactly. Taking a Stand is exactly what should be done! Praying is one of my favorite songs because being a bystander is as bad as the person who was committing the wrong thing! Awesome presentation!!

  3. May 04, 2018 by Eleanor

    I love your song, it’s beautiful! Great job!

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