Tennis Dome: Promoting Mental and Physical Health


I. Fitness: Exercise provides mental and physical well being. Even working out for 30 minutes can result in better sleep quality, a decrease in depression, and improvement in focus. Moving the body has both short and long-term benefits.

II. Sunlight: Sunlight has similar advantages to fitness, like boosting people’s mood and better sleep quality. The world now operates on technology, which requires eyes constantly to look at blue lights on screens. This disrupts melatonin production causing light sleep and regulations of the natural body clock. Also, sunlight effects levels of Vitamin D for bone growth.

III. Tennis: Tennis is a great cardiovascular sport with the constant movement of the body. Tennis is both an individual and team activity that is fun.

Do you play a sport?



If you do play a sport, how long do you practice?

1~3 hours a week
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For my Catalyst Conference, I decided to create an indoor tennis dome, where tennis can conveniently be played inside with the feeling of being in the outdoors. This allows people to still play when raining or storming and during winter or summer seasons. Becuase I live in the South of the United States, the summer heat can cause heat stroke and dehydration. Practices, at times, are canceled due to the extreme increase in temperature of the courts throughout the day. Even though the primary use of this facility is for student tennis players on the school team, the space includes a lower level for a fitness area and a narrow track for practice purposes. Summer encounters, a summer program for elementary/middle schoolers, can have access to this building for activities. This building is not only confined to sports players but rather open for everyone to use at school. This dome will include access to restrooms, showers, locker rooms, storage space, and of course the tennis courts. The building will include six courts with two rows of three. Bleachers will be raised above ground so the audience can have a better view.


Interior: My main color scheme will be shades of blue and white because these colors represent my school.

Exterior: During the process of figuring out the exterior look of the building, I came across two buildings that suited my idea. The Reichstag Dome in Berlin, Germany and the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. The materials used for the Eden Project is an ethyl tetra fluoro ethylene (ETFE). This material helps disperse and illuminate the building rather than a beam of light shining on only two courts and glaring into the player’s eyes. Natural sunlight is a key component in architecture and can help with mental health.

Materials: “A piece of [ethyl tetra fluoro ethylene] ETFE weighs less than 1 percent of a piece of glass” while still being strong and having the transparent quality of glass. Each hexagon on the building has three layers of this material which pumps air in between each layer. During the winter season, the layers can be blown up with air to provide better insulation and visa versa during the summer temperatures. The ETFE is attached on to the steel base/structure.


For my project, I decided to interview a varsity tennis player (Cindy), my tennis coach (Mrs. Bouldin), an afternoon program tennis teacher (Mrs. Huguley), my mother (Minna), and several first graders who are in the afternoon tennis program. 

These points are the primary focus of what should be included in the dome:

  • Cindy said the building should have air conditioning and nets/curtains to divide each court so the balls will not roll over to interupt another player’s game.
  • Minna suggested the idea of raised bleachers inorder for the audience to have a better view
  • Mrs. Bouldin gave me many great ideas to incorpate into my design plan. She wants electronic score boards on the wall, which students can change with a remote control. This fixes the problem of players who announces their scores quietly. Ball shooters and meeting rooms should be featured as well. In addition, summer encounter classes can ultize this space for small children.
  • The first graders said they would love/like to pratice here!

The basic requirements were the same from everyone: an umpire chair, score cards, fitness area, and track loop. The dome can be rented out for competitions and tormnaments when not in use. With these features, the building is functional and purposeful to not only the tennis group.

My Design:

Sketch Up Layout Hand Drawn Layout
Location on the School Campus



Here is a link to a google document that I have been working on to help support my presentation. This document shows the steps behind how I worked toward achieving my final project. Please click the link, if you are interested: 




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  1. April 26, 2018 by Terri Haviland

    Great job!

  2. April 26, 2018 by Mysterious Stranger

    Amazing job Emi! A CCES Tennis Dome is such a cool idea, and you implemented it so well. The models all looked spot-on as well. You must have put SO much work into this project, but it turned out beautifully! Such a thoughtful design process too, nice 🙂 Looking forward to this actually being built now….

  3. April 27, 2018 by Jo Ann Chai

    Wow! I’m amazed at how good you are at using sketchup! I couldn’t do what you have done and the thought of building something amazing as that stresses me out. The dome looks amazing and I love your ideas!

  4. April 27, 2018 by Paulette Unger

    This is such a great idea Emi. I used to play tennis in college as part of a club and it was always so hard to play during the summer months in the Southeast because of the heat but I didn’t like being indoors either. This is a very enticing space you designed. Great work. Mrs. Unger

  5. April 29, 2018 by Porter

    Great job! I really like this design!

  6. April 29, 2018 by Hidenori Amaki

    It is so educating to realize how important it is to exercise to have brain functions maximized. This type of matters we do not think about often. I found this presentation was so well explained for everyone to understand. I will make an effort to exercise on a regular basis.

  7. April 29, 2018 by Emi Amaki

    Thank you to everyone who commented! I am glad you all liked the presentation and hopefully have taken away some information to apply in your everyday life.

  8. May 03, 2018 by Mr. Clarke

    This is very impressive, Emi. I particularly like the design layouts and all of the comforts included: AC, locker rooms, scoreboards with remotes, etc. Kudos!

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