The Effects of Global Warming

The Effects of Global Warming

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Greenhouse gases:

-Trap heat in the atmosphere

-Emitted through the burning of fossil fuels – like gas, oil, and coal – solid waste, wood, and certain chemical compounds like cement.

-Gases collect closer to the center of the earth due to the strong gravitational pull

-Can remain in the atmosphere for up to thousands of years


How a large presence of greenhouse gases has led to global warming:

-Sun consistently releases UV rays

-Some of the light is reflected back up from the surface of the earth as infrared rays

-Infrared rays are absorbed by the carbon dioxide, methane and other chemical compounds that make up greenhouse gasses

-So, when there are more greenhouse gases, they absorb more infrared rays and intern result in a warmer climate.


The effects of global warming:

-Increased temperatures can result in flooding and fluctuating weather patterns.

-Countries that are smaller are being affected more severely because they don’t have the infrastructure to deal with the environmental repercussions

-For example, people that are affected by these natural disasters in underdeveloped countries try to find a home abroad and are unwanted by larger countries.

-Increased wind and sporadic weather patterns often push precipitation into oceans, so precipitation that civilizations could have used for fresh drinking water is being deposited in the ocean.

-Not only are some places dealing with droughts, some places can’t manage to find clean water. Due to the fluctuating weather patterns, melting ice caps and increased rainfall can cause streams and rivers to flood, resulting in undrinkable water.

-Not to mention, the issues stemming from global warming aren’t all environmental. These corporations that are producing products which releasing greenhouse gases do not want to make any changes in the way they are doing anything because that will cost them a lot of money.

– The population of bred cows has increased since the meat industry has taken off. Cows release a lot of methane, one of the main contributors to greenhouse gases.

-So, even though some might think it is the producers fault for contributing to global warming, it is really us, the consumers. If we don’t demand products then these companies won’t supply them.

User needs:

As people on this planet, we all have a responsibility to maintain and take care of Earth as a whole. Because of this, I don’t really have a specific audience for my infographic, just all people who are looking to make a difference in this world.


Maybe as an alternative to my infographic, I could reach out to environmentally friendly brands and create an advertisement or product package which would promote and bring awareness to this topic.

Design Brief:

I want to create an infographic in order to make people aware of how they may be contributing to global warming and its’ effects on our planet. I’m hoping my viewer will be concerned about the environment and economics, keeping in mind how global warming might affect future generations.

  1. It is important to address this issue because if global warming continues to increase – so will natural disasters, extreme, sporadic weather patterns, flooding, pollution, and homelessness.
  2. I want to initiate change by informing the public of their contributions to global warming and make them reconsider choices throughout their future daily life. These habitual actions may be detrimental to the environment even if they appear harmless.
  3. Keeping into account that my viewers might have limited knowledge on this topic, I don’t want to overwhelm them with extensive text and statistics. Additionally, I clearly identify the difference between the causes of global warming, and what we can do to help.











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  1. May 02, 2018 by Rebecca

    Your presentation is really informative! Have you thought about ways to convince people to try the solutions? I know it can be hard to convince people to fewer animal products and drive less when they are not seeing the effects of their habits in the short term.

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