The Game of Guns: Georgia vs Delta

The Situation

Gun Control is a major problem in the US especially right now in the wake of a recent school shooting. Countless schools across the country are getting shooter threats now. Gun rights have always been controversial. There have been multiple major mass shootings in recent weeks. The NRA (National Rifle Association) funds many politicians, so increasing regulations is difficult. Gun control is especially controversial in Atlanta, where I live. Delta (a major airline company headquartered in Atlanta) just cut ties with the NRA. The Georgia government retaliated by redesigning tax laws, so Delta would have significantly less tax breaks. There are some expectations for Delta the change headquarter locations.



The Strategies

Delta’s Strategies

A: continue to support NRA

B: no longer support NRA; always move headquarters

C: no longer support NRA; always do nothing

D: no longer support NRA; do nothing for statement, move headquarters for economic reaction

E: no longer support NRA; move headquarters for statement, do nothing for economic reaction

GA Government’s Strategies

A: do nothing

B: public statement

C:hurt delta economically

The Utilities

Below are the assigned number values to different potential results that could have happened in this “game”.

result a

delta: 40 continue to be a successful company. Have stigma of association with the NRA.

ga gov: 75 avoid all scandal. NRA continues to be supported by delta.

result b

delta: 100 this is their best-case scenario. They oppose the NRA with no political ramifications.

ga gov: 25 the NRA would be angry with them as would their republican base for not responding.

result c

delta: 75 still no substantial ramifications, and they don’t have any association with the NRA.

ga gov: 50 The NRA and their republican base will still be slightly mad, but not as much.

result d

delta: 60 People would think it was extreme to move over something like that. Moving headquarter location isn’t easy.

ga gov: 10 No longer have Delta headquarters.

result e

delta: 0 this is the worst-case scenario for delta. This lose a lot of money.

ga gov: 50 Hurst chance of getting Amazon etc headquarters. Significantly increase tax income. Look good in eyes of NRA.

result f

delta: 25 hurst in the short term economically but fine in the long term.

ga gov: 0 No longer have Delta headquarters. Hurst chance of getting Amazon etc headquarters.


The Matrix

GA gov A B C D E
A (75, 40) (25, 100) (25, 100) (25, 100) (25, 100)
B (75, 40) (10, 60) (50, 75) (50, 75) (10, 60)
C (75, 40) (0, 25) (50, 0) (50, 0) (0, 25)





*all values in the form (GA, Delta)


The Solution

I would suggest that Delta stop supporting the NRA, the Georgia Government retaliate only by making a public statement disagreeing with Delta’s actions, and Delta do nothing to retaliate that. The value of this game is (75, 50), meaning Delta receives a result with a utility value of 75, and the Georgia Government receives a result with a utility value of 75. This solution is Pareto Optimal (there is no other solution that is better for both players, or equal for one and better for the other).



Call to Action

Delta is just one small piece in the call to change against guns, the NRA and those politicians it supports. The CSGV, coalition to stop gun violence, is a is a 501(c)(4) organization that believes all Americans have a right to live in communities free from gun violence. They are working to achieve this goal through “policy development, strategic engagement, and effective advocacy.” Here is the link to their website to see how YOU can take action:

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