The Social Treehouse

Project Overview

The goal for this project is to reduce phone usage as much as possible by creating a “dead Wi-Fi zone” so that people will interact with each other more. The space would be set apart from most buildings and people to avoid contact with technology. Placing this space in the forest is ideal. In a single room with no access to cellphones, people would be inclined to communicate with each other. The treehouse would seem simple to fit in with the environment. It would have a stairwell leading up and a slide as an exit. The exterior space could be made with cypress or sequoia trees (the most common wood used for treehouses). The interior space would be supplied with couches, chairs, and bean bags for ultimate relaxation and comfort. The interior and exterior space would be well lit during nighttime. Two windows on the East and West side of the treehouse would bring in natural sunlight to light up the room as well. Overall, the materials used for this project would be wood and glass: easy to find and purchase.

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The Space

The Space will be a rectangular box that us 15′ x 10′ x 10′. The room is made to have the room set up to be both comfortable and promote conversation. The long stairwell and slide are meant to give off children and freedom vibes. The single room will have both an A/c and heater due to Michigan’s change in climate. Overall long windows are located on the East and West side for bringing in natural lighting. The area is located in the woods of Kingswood forest. There will be a view on the East side of Kingswood Lake. A path is located not too far from the treehouse and an emergency phone will be located near the house.


The entire purpose of the project is to promote social skills and conversations between students in my grade. The treehouse is not a private space, it is meant for all the students. Due to the dead Wi-Fi zone, students will not have very much use for their phones. At my school, so many students are suck to their phones even when they’re together in a social space. The goal is to get students to enjoy more time actually talk to each other while enjoying the scenic route around them.

3D Model

Floor Plan


Bubble Map

Site Plan


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